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Gym and health club insurance


Secure your gym, protect your employees and business

If you own a gym or health club, no matter its size, you need the right insurance. And here's a heads-up: if personal trainers work at your gym (even if they're not your direct employees), they should have professional indemnity cover. Why? Well, if something goes wrong during a workout or activity in your gym, you want everyone, including yourself, to be covered. However, this will only be the case if you have Professional Indemnity cover. Keep it simple, keep it safe!

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Types of Gym and Health Club Insurance that could benefit your business include:

Professional Indemnity

Covers a client being injured while exercising.

Public Liability

Crucial for dealing with claims arising from injuries or property damage.

Employers’ Liability

Compulsory if you employ staff, even on a casual or volunteer basis.


To protect against loss or damage to your physical assets.

Business Interruption

Cover for lost income/rent in case your business operations are affected.


What does gym insurance cover?

It covers a range of risks, including public and employers’ liability, Professional Indemnity, property damage, equipment breakdown and personal accidents.

Is fitness / gym equipment covered?

Yes, your fitness equipment can be covered against theft, loss, or damage.

Does gym insurance cover our employees including personal trainers?

Yes, your employees and personal trainers can be covered under the employers’ liability section of your policy.

Are saunas and pools covered?

Yes, these facilities can be included in your gym and health club insurance cover.

Are fitness classes covered?

Yes, fitness classes are covered, and liability extended to cover classes outside of gym.

What types of gym and health clubs can I insure?

We cater to gyms and health clubs of all types and sizes, from boutique fitness studios to large multi-site facilities.

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