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Access the buying power of NFP around the globe, irrespective of your size or location.

Independently purchased plans are rarely comprehensive and can miss details and offerings that local employees may be expecting. This is especially true for businesses that have less experience of a local market or don’t have the local buying power of a larger group. Unfortunately, even larger employers often lack the buying power or processes to guarantee that they access the most favorable terms and pricing in every location.

Even if you only have one global office with one local plan, as an NFP client you could potentially benefit from enhanced underwriting terms, better plan design and pooling dividends by using our NFP Global Insurance Network. NFP has used its scale to negotiate preferential terms for all of its clients in over 70 countries around the world, ensuring that our clients always have the potential to access these benefits, irrespective of headcount or location.


NFP can help you:

    • Access plan features and pricing reserved for larger organisations.
    • Offer packages that allow you to compete for talent with the larger local competitors.

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