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The Challenge

The company had won the contract to develop the first ever offshore windfarm off the coast of Japan. This involved coordinating with not only the main Japanese client but also the government of Japan, several local prefectures and a number of major Japanese energy providers.

The project team had little or no experience working with Japanese counterparties and were struggling to understand the dynamics of a Japanese company. Ultimately, they were becoming very frustrated at the rate of progress.

Everything that was happening in Japan seemed counterintuitive.


The Approach

Global Business Culture was approached to work with the project team to help them gain a better understanding of Japanese business culture and how that might be impacting on progress.

Part of the brief was also to work with the project team to plot a route forward and then engage with them on an ongoing basis to monitor progress.

A two-day project team meeting was organized with the key stakeholders. This meeting was designed to:

• Analyze the key challenges faced
• Give a deep understanding of Japanese business culture
• Map cultural issues against current project challenges to determine which problems were cultural and which were “business as usual”
• Develop a road map for moving forward

Global Business Culture then became involved in team meetings on a regular basis to assist with cultural insights and business intelligence.

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