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Employee education services

Maximising engagement with your rewards and benefits

Offer rewards and benefits that shine for an undeniably attractive employee value proposition.

The right rewards are essential in attracting and retaining the best talent up and down your organisation chart, increasing productivity and, most importantly, supporting your people and their well-being. Having a well-structured strategy in place to maximise engagement ensures that the investment you’re making in benefits is recognised by your people for what it is: an investment in them.

Our engagement services are built around helping your people understand the benefits you provide so they can make informed decisions and your benefits can truly support them.

Ensuring your people understand and value the employee benefits you provide is crucial to the success of your benefits package. These educational sessions are a perfect way to help your people get the most from the great employee benefits your business provides them. We will help you design and implement a well-considered engagement strategy that your people will appreciate.

Using our specialised knowledge, skills and approach we achieve outstanding results by helping you create messages designed to promote action and encourage all members to make decisions that improve their outcomes. We take these principles as our starting point, and then use the skills and expertise of our design and communications teams to bring them to life.

From financial wellness seminars designed to give your employees the tools they need to create financial balance and freedom from financial stress to retirement preparation seminars helping your colleagues understand all the information they need to consider for their personal circumstances before leaving the workforce, we tailor interactive and educational sessions are designed to help your people, including:

  • Financial wellness seminars
  • Mortgage seminars
  • Planning for higher earners
  • Pre-retirement seminars
  • Redundancy and outplacement service
  • Understanding your employee benefits seminars
  • One-to-one member sessions

Helping your people manage their finances and plan for their retirement incorporates many complex – but rewarding – areas. We strive to de-mystify those complexities, work with you to create a clear plan that’s right for your company, and ensure that we retain a personal approach.

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