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Executive benefits

Custom benefit solutions tailored to your high-level employees

Recruit the best and earn loyalty with industry-leading executive benefits packages, enhancing security for the long haul.

Executive benefits are a powerful tool for enticing and rewarding the top people in your organisation.

Specialised benefits can set up your business for success with the tools, mechanisms and pathways to attract key employees who will drive your business forward. An executive benefits plan can help you implement incentives and special features designed to increase company loyalty in leaders who drive company value and profit, making sure that your top executives – key business assets – feel rewarded, valued and motivated.

When executives and key employees depart unexpectedly, replacement becomes the next hurdle. Replacing an executive can carry a hefty bill. From screening and interviewing to morale and institutional knowledge, the direct and indirect costs of replacing a key executive can far outweigh the cost of their annual salary.

Not only does an executive benefits program help deliver long-term financial stability to your business by incentivising key players to stay motivated and loyal, these benefits offer great financial security to those same executives by bolstering your current benefits and compensation offering in delivering a new type of compensation through individualised protection.

Our in-depth knowledge of the individual protection market enables us to design personalised risk-based benefits that are truly valuable to your most senior and high-level employees, via stand-alone solutions or options that complement existing company-wide arrangements.

We are able to work hand in hand with our corporate benefit colleagues to ensure a seamless and compelling total reward package. Through a collaborative and consultative dialogue with your HR and talent-acquisition team, we can determine whether supplemental employment-based risk solutions are right for your organisation, including:

  • Premium death-in-service benefits
  • Executive (high-value) income protection cover
  • Private medical protection

Our executive benefits team has one main focus: to build the best executive benefits package for your company and its key people.

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