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Financial wellbeing in the workplace

Invest more in your business by investing in your people

Develop, implement and promote a financial wellbeing strategy that keeps your employees confident.

Your organisation is unique — and so are your people. While the financial goals and needs of your people vary according to a number of factors, increased financial literacy is a proven path to improved levels of employee empowerment and workplace satisfaction.

Forward-thinking employers recognise that investing the time to establish, promote and drive a financial wellbeing programme within their organisation can positively impact both their people and their business. In fact, the benefits of financial wellbeing support are felt across demographics, work type, compensation level and location.

Financial wellbeing can lead to more engaged employees and, consequently, higher performance. Along the way, it can help you raise staff morale and improve retention levels. As a highly sought-after benefit, a strong financial wellbeing strategy can help transform your organisation into an employer of choice, boosting attraction.

A focus on financial strategy, education and outcomes

To support your organisation’s path to financial workforce empowerment, we help you develop, deliver and embed a financial wellbeing programme into your workplace. Our team of experts have developed an approach centered on the three core tenets: strategy, education and outcomes. Based on these tenets, we can help you implement a long-term financial well-being strategy that raises your peoples’ financial capability, offers accessible solutions and adds real value to your business.

The benefits for employees include improved money management skills, the ability to make more informed decisions around their finances and access to better value products, all to help them:

  • Improve money management
  • Reduce financial anxiety
  • Reduce stress

Delivering financial guidance

Financial wellbeing is a complex matter and covers a wide range of topics. We’ll use a careful blend of the modules below to design and deliver educational sessions bespoke to the needs of the audience and designed with your company brand in mind. Delivered on-site or via interactive technology, these sessions are designed to help raise your people’s financial knowledge and help them make more informed financial decisions.

Financial Wellbeing Modules Ireland

Providing access to advice

Personal finance can sometimes be complicated. By giving your people access to guidance and advice in the workplace you can help can make their life easier, immediately improve financial wellness and let your employees spend more time on the things that are most important to them.

Financial advice

Our regulated advisers are here to help your people manage their personal finances, helping with everything from advice around tax allowances so people don’t pay more tax than they have to, through to help making sure their investment portfolios are aligned to their personal goals and in line with their attitude to risk.

  • Annual tax allowance planning
  • Planning for higher earners
  • Pre and at retirement planning
  • Risk graded portfolio construction and management
  • Lifelong ‘cashflow modelling’ to answer the big financial questions and create a financial ‘masterplan’

Mortgage guidance and advice

Our mortgage guidance sessions are a great employee benefit to offer your workforce and give your people the opportunity to receive guidance around mortgages whether that be buying their first property, remortgaging or buying an investment property.

After each session, we can answer any questions specific to their personal circumstances. Should an employee need advice on applying for a mortgage and how to make a new home as affordable as possible, we can do that on their behalf should they want us to and we will take the process through to completion.

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