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Manufacturing insurance

Assemble an insurance solution that covers each of your unique challenges

A manufacturing insurance partner you can trust

NFP provides specialist advice and services that are fully in tune with the needs of this industry. Manufacturing businesses depend on high quality insurance solutions to aid them in their operations, and we have the market knowledge and expertise needed to deliver the quality service demanded.

  • Broad range of cover options
  • 25 years of manufacturing industry experience
  • Established and efficient risk and claims management services


NFP has extensive experience in this sector, having acted for leading manufacturing companies for over 25 years. We have experience in acting for all types of manufacturing companies and have built up an extensive network of market partners that aid us in the placement and management of such risks.


NFP has broad access to the local and international insurance market, and aligned with our intensely strong relationship with these markets, we are ideally positioned to obtain flexible terms and conditions for our manufacturing clients.


Our long experience and in-depth knowledge in the industry means we know exactly the services manufacturing clients need. We have the specialist expertise to comprehensively manage your risks, and support you through the claims process, should the unexpected happen.

Tailored insurance strategies for your manufacturing business

The manufacturing industry is broad, each business has its own unique set of risks, and success requires attention to detail at every level.

That’s why risk management and reduction is crucial - your business could be at threat from product recalls, supply chain interruptions, or even cyber attacks and theft. We offer risk management and insurance solutions that address virtually any risks specifically associated with the manufacturing sector.

A 5-axis milling machine cuts a complex fan blade

What types of manufacturing businesses do we work with?

Our commercial insurance team has extensive experience in building tailored protection solutions for all types of manufacturing organisations:

Factory owners

Engineering businesses

Machinery suppliers

Manufacturing supply chain operators

Chemical manufacturers

Food manufacturers

Which specialist insurances might you need if you operate in the manufacturing industry?

Goods in transit

This type of cover ensures that any goods you transport by air, road, rail or sea are covered if they don’t arrive at their destination due to theft, loss or damage.

Product recall

Our specialist team can design the right cover to protect you in the event of a product recall incident. Alongside supporting you through what can be a costly and complex process, our experts will help you mitigate any potential damage to your brand and reputation.

Machinery breakdown

We can cover your business for the loss or damage to your plant and machinery by securing a policy that pays for repairs or replacement.

Speak to one of our manufacturing insurance specialists

Our team of specialists will manage your risks and claims pro-actively, and use their vast experience to find the best insurance solutions for your business.

Here for all your business insurance needs

When considering how to protect your business, it's important to think about the kind of work you do, and the potential risks you may face. However, there are some types of insurance cover that all types of businesses might need. NFP can help you implement a full package of protection for your business, your assets and your people.

Our cover provides protection for your building and contents against damage from adverse events.

NFP can help you protect your profits if you are left unable to trade after an unexpected event like a break-in, fire, or failure in your supply-chain.

We’ll ensure you have access to specialist technical and data protection consultants to help you mitigate a cyber event, such as a hack or data breach, and protect your professional reputation.

We'll help to provide your business with support if you are liable to pay costs relating to personal, property or environmental damage.

Whether you need cover for a single business trip, or for an ongoing programme of travel, we can design a package that protects you and your people in the event of cancellations, accidents and medical emergencies, lost baggage, delays, and emergency evacuations.

We can help you to protect your business against loss of profits and keep you trading if an employee with crucial skills, knowledge, experience or leadership becomes seriously ill or passes away.

Legal expenses insurance covers the cost of defending a legal claim, such as employment disputes, compensation awards, property protection, bodily injury, tax protection, or a health and safety prosecution.

Our cover will help mitigate the risks faced by you and your senior leaders, by providing legal advice, and covering defence and compensation costs relating to legal claims.

As motor fleet specialists, we’re uniquely positioned with direct access to specific markets for both general and specialist fleet services.

Our public liability insurance protects your business against the cost of personal injury or property damage claims made by your clients or members of the public.

We'll help to provide your business with support if you are held liable for injury, illness or damage caused by a defective product.

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