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Whether the fixed rate of your mortgage is coming to an end, or you are looking for a better deal, were here to help.

What is switching your mortgage?

We understand that situations and circumstances can change, which may lead to your current mortgage product no longer aligning with your lifestyle and what you need.

Switching your mortgage is the process of switching or refinancing your existing mortgage from one lender to another. This is done for a variety of reasons, predominantly to ensure you are taking advantage of the best rates.

Why switch your mortgage?

Save money

See how much you can potentially save on your current mortgage, by finding the lowest rates and best long-term value for money.

Greater flexibility

Benefit from greater flexibility on your existing mortgage, including overpayment options, cash back offers and potentially reducing your mortgage term to maximise your savings.

Additional finance

It can provide additional finances from your own home to cover a range of requirements, including home improvements, debt consolidation, large, one off legal or tax bills etc.

Protect against inflation

We can find you a mortgage with a fixed interest rate from anywhere between 3-30 years. This offers protection against inflation while still offering flexible overpayments.

Mortgage switchers: common questions answered

Welcome to our comprehensive video series on switching your mortgage, where we delve into the essential information you need to make informed decisions about refinancing your home loan. In this series, we've gathered expert insights and real-life stories to help you navigate the complex world of mortgage switching with confidence.

NFP are a mortgage switcher partner you can trust

We know that supplying good mortgage advice goes much further than just recommending a certain product or lender.  At NFP, our advisers delve deep into your needs and goals, staying by your side throughout the mortgage process to advise you as and when you need. We see ourselves not just as your broker, but as a trusted partner.

Our goal is to ensure...

your mortgage product is suitable for you

our specialists reduce the stress and confusion of the mortgage process

our advice and guidance is fully based on your individual circumstances and needs

you get the support you need, when you need it

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