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Group and company pensions

Advice and guidance to help you navigate safely around the complex and ever-changing pension legislations in Ireland

Strategic advice and guidance around the complexities of Irish group pension legislation

Between governmental compliance needs and oft-changing legislation, the Irish Group Pension landscape can get complicated pretty quickly.

Whether you’re looking for help with your pension plan strategy and design or need a boost in plan governance, administration or even employee engagement and communication, you can rely on NFP’s independent perspective and experience working across industries for impartial advice and support in helping identify your hidden – and obvious – challenges and opportunities.

Working closely with you to understand your business and the challenges it faces, our team of pension consultants are experts in creating and delivering sustainable pension strategies that meet your ever-changing business needs. We strive to empower you to better help your people save for their well-deserved future retirement. We deliver expert advice on all areas of your defined contribution pension, including legislation, provider selection and contribution structure options.

We take a holistic look at your pension scheme, starting with the fundamentals of charges, investments and administration alongside a quantitative analysis of your members’ behaviours. In the process, we help you identify and manage any potential risks to employee retirement savings. Our aim is to mitigate future problems and show you what opportunities lie ahead by helping you coordinate your employee benefits with your company pension scheme to better support your workforce.

Through a careful blend of education, technology and communication, we’ll help your leaders and your people get engaged with your company pension plan and make informed, educated pension decisions from strategy to delivery.

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