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Understanding local norms and expectations is vital to your continued organisational success.

Whether you are being told that the plans aren’t good enough, seeing high levels of staff turnover, you’ve inherited a global program that you don’t understand or are simply looking for an extra edge, NFP’s global benefits auditing experts are here to help support your business.

Going above and beyond simply understanding the plan information, we look at the nuances of your international locations and local markets to identify whether your organisation is under, above or at benchmark for that country, within your sector. Providing clarity and independent expertise to help you make better decisions.

If you’re already on the ground and growing in a particular country, we can help you drive your organisation further forward, gathering all the necessary data to produce a comprehensive report alongside detailed recommendations and options regarding the scalability of benefits, global solutions, multinational pooling and other potential solutions that may work alongside any local plans you already have in place.


NFP can help you:

  • Independently analyse how competitive your employee benefits programme is within your industry, ensuring you remain competitive.
  • Ensure the benefits you offer are competitive around the globe.
  • Create a strategy of next steps to attract talent and to keep your company thriving.