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Global benefits management

Your single point of contact for all things global benefits management

Navigating the nuances of global business is time-consuming and challenging

Unfortunately, ineffective preparation can have long-term impacts on your business’ expansion and success, leading to challenges and causing you to unknowingly lose talent and potentially clients.

Getting a firm handle on your strategy and decision making can be complicated even when it’s in the language and systems you already understand. Once benefits plans are in place, expert management is necessary to stay on top of the complexities of running plan with multiple countries, currencies, plans, renewal dates and the other myriad of data points that come alongside expansion.

NFP is here to be your central contact for all things global benefits management. From managing all of your renewals to delivering timely market updates, our experts combine a wealth of experience with cutting-edge tools to deliver the comprehensive reporting and problem solving you require for continued success.

Effective solutions for your organisation

We’re not tied to strict broker networks, which means we can work with your existing partners while simultaneously unearthing the most cost-effective solutions for your organisation’s unique situation. We work alongside you to truly understand your business and, together, enact a global strategy, putting all the proper pieces in place, pooling benefits multinationally, providing guidance and support with regular catch-up calls year-round.

The international insurance market poses difficulties for companies of all sizes. A trustworthy partner can help you connect with the expectations of any culture without overburdening your operations, helping you secure specialised products and pricing especially valuable in unfamiliar territory.

Let’s work together to keep your benefits management working better for your business, wherever your road takes you.

NFP can help you:

  • Streamline the co-ordination of your global benefits delivery, removing potential layers of third-party suppliers.
  • Identify cost efficiencies in the management of your benefits.
  • Build consistency in the service delivery of your global benefits.
  • Harmonise your global employee benefits reporting.

NFP's guide to international employee benefits

With more benefits, reward and HR professionals taking on multinational responsibilities, our team of experienced international benefits consultants have created this guide to share their insight into the key aspects of running a successful international benefits programme.

In the comprehensive guide, you'll learn

  1. What to consider when designing your global benefits strategy
  2. How to identify the right benefits and provider(s) to deliver them
  3. How to efficiently run your global benefits programme
  4. How to review and maintain oversight of your programme

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