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New country start-ups

Supporting your organisation as it expands internationally

Supporting your organisation as it expands internationally.

The global marketplace can be confusing daunting, and tough to navigate for any business. This is especially true when you take the first step into a new country. When your business expands internationally there are a number of business-critical factors to consider alongside your organisation’s growth.

Having a global benefits consultant with a combination of big picture expertise alongside local, in-country market knowledge is vital to the success of your expansion plans. NFP ensures that new benefits programs are established the right way. NFP’s international consultants deliver simple, competitive, efficient and flexible benefits coverage.

We work with organisations setting up operations in a new country, providing valuable access to increased benefit limits and beyond what’s available to any single business striking out into the world.

We have trusted partners on the ground delivering the excellent local broking service. Our professional, friendly experts understand how to work with foreign decision makers and will work with you all along the way.

NFP can help you:

  • Design an employee benefits strategy for your new country that helps to deliver long term value and cost efficiency.
  • Reduce the stresses and complexities associated with establishing employee benefits in new countries.
  • Give you an independent view when setting foot in a country for the first time

NFP's guide to international employee benefits

With more benefits, reward and HR professionals taking on multinational responsibilities, our team of experienced international benefits consultants have created this guide to share their insight into the key aspects of running a successful international benefits programme.

In the comprehensive guide, you'll learn

  1. What to consider when designing your global benefits strategy
  2. How to identify the right benefits and provider(s) to deliver them
  3. How to efficiently run your global benefits programme
  4. How to review and maintain oversight of your programme

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