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Fee structure


NFP Consultants Ireland Ltd t/a NFP Ireland charge the following fees for the provision of advisory services to our Clients. Our fee basis is generally in the order of €150 per hour for Administration, €250 per hour for Senior Advisors and €300 per hour for Directors/Senior Partners.

In relation to Corporate Group Scheme business, our fees are generally based on a per member charge and/or hourly rate ranging from €150 to €300 depending on the services provided. NFP, where beneficial to the client can charge a flat rate of €1,500 per day. Although these fees may vary, depending on the nature and complexity of the services you require. NFP will discuss the service we offer and will agree a fee basis tailored to your requirements and confirm same to you in writing.

Payment of any fee charged is due on issue of our invoice. If we receive commission from a product producer in addition to charging you a fee, we will not offset part or all of the commission against the fee to be charged unless agreed with you in writing. All fees are charge + Vat @ 23%

The basis of our remuneration will be set out in our proposal and is summarised as follows:

No of Employees Per Employee unit Cost Minimum Per Annum Scheme Installation Fee Once Off
0 - 25 €385 €3,850 €5,500
26 - 50 €275 €9,625 €8,250
51 - 100 €220 €15,950 €11,000
101 - 175 €165 €22,000 €13,750
176 - 250 €138 €28,875 €16,500
251 + €110 €34,650 €19,250

Valid as of 01 January 2023