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Integrating diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging into everything we do

Fostering a culture of belonging with employees, clients and communities starts with strategy, and continues with learning, acting, refining and moving forward with a belief that we are never done.

NFP embraces the unique identities of our employees and welcomes cultures of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging, informing every aspect of our business and empowering our people to succeed.

Diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging are essential to everything we do. Ensuring our people bring their best selves to work every day by placing as much importance on family and community as they do their valuable work, helps them to better support clients’ needs. Simply put, it’s good for our people and it’s good for business.

A collage of NFP employees.

DEIB defined

It’s easy to say that diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging are important to an organisation. But what do these words really mean?

Diversity is ...

recognising everyone – no matter their background, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, disability, or sexual orientation as the bare minimum. At NFP, we understand the crucial value people with diverse backgrounds bring to our business and how it operates. We celebrate all of our people, the different perspectives that their individual stories have shaped and how these help us to continue innovating and growing.


Equity is ...

about championing the fair and impartial treatment of every single person who works here. To us, it involves ensuring that all of our people have the opportunity to grow and progress within NFP, and that everyone is duly recognised for their achievements. We are actively reviewing and updating policies and procedures to ensure our working environment is fair for all.


Inclusion is ...

creating a culture that allows all of our people to achieve their full potential and become greater assets as a result. NFP values and celebrates differences, understanding that we will be a better business because of our differences.


Belonging is ...

forging an environment that makes all of our people feel accepted and appreciated, far beyond their value to the business. We want our people to feel empowered to look forward to coming to work, knowing that their wellbeing is a number one priority and they can unapologetically be their authentic selves, use their voices and have a seat at the table to drive growth and progress.



Photo of Matt Pawley
"You cannot underestimate the importance of being a business that embeds DEIB into its culture. Everything you read shows that inclusive businesses are better set up to succeed in the modern world. More importantly, having a fair and inclusive culture within a business is just the right thing to do, for our colleagues, our clients and for society. At every level of our organisation, from our board level decision-making right through to our daily interactions with each other, we need to continue to act inclusively… the NFP way."
Photo of Matt Pawley
Photo of Pamela Wheeler
I'm proud to be part of an organization that celebrates diversity, promotes inclusion and provides opportunities for everyone to thrive. But we know we can go further. With empowerment and accountability we will become the model for fostering an environment where everyone feels they belong.
Photo of Pamela Wheeler

DEIB Advisory Board

NFP’s DEIB Advisory Board is the driving force behind our company’s efforts to advance diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB).

Advisory board members collaborate to advise and recommend DEIB policies, procedures and action plans; help NFP integrate DEIB strategies, initiatives and best practices that align with and advance NFP’s business objectives; drive DEIB communications and serve as ambassadors across the organisation and externally.

Our DEIB Advisory Board includes employees from across the organisation in various positions, specialties and levels of leadership. They are key members that engage with employees, provide support and drive initiatives within the company.

DEIB advisory board members talking

Organisations with an inclusive culture are:


as likely to meet or exceed financial targets


of business are as likely to be high-performing


more likely to be innovative and agile


more likely to achieve better business outcomes

Source: Juliet Bourke, Which Two Heads Are Better Than One?: How diverse teams create breakthrough ideas and make smarter decisions (Australian Institute of Company Directors, 2016).

Our differences are what define and align us

Combining unique perspectives and celebrating diversity makes us better for our people and our clients.