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Personal financial protection

The right plan for your future

Find peace of mind knowing that you’ve planned for yourself, and those you love.

Considering your financial future becomes easier with advisers who help you understand and quantify your personal risks and the effects they might have on your plans, your prospects, your family and your business. Although planning around death and illness can be difficult and emotionally trying, it is necessary.

Implementing personal protection provides you with the opportunity to cover potential major life risks and the impact they could have on you and your family’s financial security.

Personal protection is particularly important if you have financial dependents. Appropriate protection can replace your income upon your illness or death, providing continued support to those who rely on you. This sum can also ensure that any debts are cleared.

Our experienced advisers will recommend the most appropriate plan from the whole market.

Trust your private and professional NFP adviser to provide you expert advice pertaining to:

  • Family protection, including trust planning
  • Income protection
  • Serious illness cover
  • Inheritance tax protection
  • Mortgage and debt protection

We will approach this advice process with due care and sensitivity, and are trained to help you overcome the difficulties associated with this subject matter to implement robust protection solutions.

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