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Sustainability Factors - Investment/IBIPS/Pension Advice


In accordance with the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (‘SFDR’), when providing advice on insurance-based investment products/Investments, we assess in addition to relevant financial risks, relevant sustainability risks as far as this information is available in relation to the products proposed/advised on. This means that we assess environmental, social or governance events/conditions that, if they occur, could have a material negative impact on the value of the investment.

We integrate these risks in our advice by reviewing the product provider literature in relation to sustainability risks, we liaise with the providers in relation to any queries in relation to the funds.  This information is reviewed by the firm on an ongoing basis. 

Considering Principal Adverse Impacts (PAI) on sustainability factors in the advice:

When providing advice on insurance-based investment products (‘IBIPs’) or investment advice we assess the PAI information published by product manufacturers as follows:

We will examine the Product Providers literature to establish the Principal Adverse Impacts for the relevant products.  The firm will then compare financial products across available providers to make informed investment decisions about the suitability of ESG products for individual clients.

Impact on Return

If sustainability risks are deemed relevant: 

We also assess the likely impacts of sustainability risks on the returns of the IBIPs on which we advise. We estimate that the likely impacts of sustainability risks on the returns of Pensions/Investments are based on the returns in the product documentation provided by the product manufacturer.