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Global Employee Benefits Insights - October 2023



Amends dental care reimbursement charges

From October 2023, the reimbursement amount covered by the state for dental care is reduced.

Previously, 70% of dental care costs were reimbursed by the state.

This is changing to 60%, with the additional reimbursement being covered should the private Mutuelle provision cover it.



Introduces two new public holidays

From 2024, two additional holidays have been signed into law.

The Feast of Epiphany on 6th January and Synaxis of St. John the Baptist on 7th January will become public holidays.

These additional days take the total public holidays in Romania to 16 per annum.



Amends contributory thresholds for social security

The minimum social salary in Luxembourg provided to employees and used for calculating the social security contributions was amended to the following:

  • For employees aged 18 and over: €2,570.93
  • For employees aged 17 to 18: €2,056.74
  • For employees aged 15 to 17: €1,928.20

The standard monthly maximum salary used to calculate contributions was increased to €12,854.64.


Minimum wage increases from 1st September 2023


Effective from 1st September 2023, the standard minimum wage rate increased to 460,000 CLP (up from 440,000 CLP). It is due to increase again on 1st July 2024, to 500,000 CLP1.


Effective from 1st September 2023, the monthly gross minimum social wage rate increased to the following amounts:

  • €3,085.11 per month for skilled workers aged over 18 years of age
  • €2,570.93 for unskilled employees aged 18 and older
  • €2,056.74 for employees aged 17 and 18
  • €1,928.20 and for employees aged 15 and 17

This is based on a 40-hour week2.

Source: gob.cl1 / public.lu2

Minimum wage increases from 1st October 2023


Effective from 1st October 2023, the monthly minimum wage increased to RON 3,300 which equates to RON 19.96 per hour.


Minimum wage increases from 1st January 2024


Effective from 1st January 2024, the monthly minimum wage will increase to TWD 27,470 (up from TWD 26,400). The hourly rate will be TWD 183 (up from TWD 176).

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